Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week Five Recipe: Fish Tacos

If I were stranded on a desert island with only one type of food to eat I would choose Mexican without a doubt.  Love, love, love Mexican food!!  The other thing I love, love, love is a recipe that is super easy and super quick.

Full disclosure: I don't like fish.  I know it's good for you - which is why I'm trying to incorporate more of it into my diet.  Whatever, I am still not fond of the stuff, and that's why I try to cover the taste with lots of other flavors.  So, if you are a fish fan and looking for a recipe with lots of fish flavor you'll just have to keep looking.  But, if you like spice and heat and cilantro and lime then give this a try.

Let's start with the white sauce.  Four ingredients, thats it.
1/8 cup of light mayo
1/8 cup of light sour cream
1T chopped cilantro (chopped fine)
Juice of 1/2 of lime

mix together and let the ingredients meld together for at least an hour.  It makes about a quarter cup, which is enough for four tacos.  Now for the fish.  
Tilapia filets (each filet makes two tacos)
onion powder
Arbol chili powder
white corn tortillas
shredded colby/jack cheese
shredded lettuce
Luisiana hot sauce

Heat 1T of oil over medium high heat in a skillet. Pat the tilapia dry and sprinkle each side with onion powder and chili powder.  I use a 1/2 pinch of onion powder per filet and a pinch of the chili powder per side per filet.  How much is a pinch?  Here's a photo to give you an idea.  Cook 3 minutes per side.  While the fish is cooking warm the tortillas on a dry skillet.  Once the fish is cooked it's time to build your tacos.  I start with cheese, add about 2 oz. of fish (half of a filet), slather on some white sauce, cover with lettuce and sprinkle on some of the hot sauce.  


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