Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week One Craft: Mini Subway Art

I just love the "subway" art that I see on Pinterest and Etsy, so I thought I would start with that project.  

I thought this pin was a unique take on all the projects out there,
 so used it as my inspiration.

The V spot is where I found this tutorial.  You gotta love someone who puts in their description "this is where Erma Bombeck meets MacGyver"!

Here is my project:
Here's what I did differently from the original tutorial:
1. No Cricut machine (so sad!), so print letters, cut out letters, trace letters on contact paper and cut out letters.
2. I used a 5x5 artist canvas instead of wood
3. I didn't distress the canvas after painting

All in all, it still didn't take me too long.  I placed the letters on the white canvas and painted it grey.  The letters adhered to the canvas fairly well, but I still was very careful around the edges.  I then cut out a heart on contact paper, placed the outline (the relief?) on the canvas and used a stippling brush to paint the heart.  By using a stencil brush on the heart I had the total happy accident of the paint not leaking under the letters like it did with the grey.  It caused this highlight effect that makes the lettering stand out a little more on the heart.

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