Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 24 Craft: Boo Pillow

I came across some crazy yarn trim recently in the clearance pile at Joann Fabrics; it was only 50 cents, so I couldn't pass it up.  I thought it might be fun to use it for something besides just trim, so I came up with this silly halloween pillow.

It's one of those projects that helps you eat up some of bits of extra trim and fabric you have lying around.  

Here's what you need:
Yarn (the orange and black is the trim I bought)
Rick rack or ribbon
2 pieces of 9" x 16" of black cotton
2 pieces of 9" x 16" scrap cotton for pillow insert
Polyester fiberfil
Marking pencil

1. Start by marking straight lines on one of the black pieces of fabric as a guide for your writing.

2. Play around with what you want your "boo" to look like.  The trim I used was about 3/8" thick, so I couldn't get too intricate.

3. Using a couching stitch sew  your trim to the fabric following your markings.  A couching stitch is just a fancy way of saying "sew over the trim to secure it to the fabric."

4. Once your letters are in place add your trim.  If you have a lot you can edge the whole piece; I just had a little, so I added it to the sides.

5. With right sides together sew your two black pieces of fabric together.  Leave an opening at the bottom large enough to insert your pillow form.

6. Next, take your two scrap pieces and sew them right sides together.  Again, leave an opening at the bottom, but this one just needs to be large enough to turn the fabric right side out.

7. Stuff firmly.

8. Insert your pillow form into your pillow and stitch the opening closed.

9. You're done!  And you have a one of a kind pillow to add a touch of fright to your favorite chair.

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