Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week Ten Craft: How to Make Chenille

Hippity hoppity Easter is on its way.  I was looking for inspiration for a wreath and came across this tutorial on making a chenille blanket on Mama Spark's World.

Cute blanket idea!  But, not needing a blanket I thought it might be fun to do in miniature and use for carrots in an easter wreath.

Here's what you need:
1/4 yard each of three of flannel fabrics in different shades of the same color (dark to light)
scrap of green for carrot tops
sewing machine
washing machine
very sharp scissors with a pointed tip

Layer your three fabrics with the lightest shade on top, darkest on the bottom and pin in place.
Stitching on the bias make your stitched rows 1/4" apart.  You will need to stitch rows until you have enough to make your carrots, or until you're on the verge of going insane sewing row, after row, after row.  For me that was about 10".  

Just when you thought you couldn't have any more fun sewing all those rows it's time to move on to cutting all those rows!  Insert the tip of your pointy, pointy scissors between the second and third level of fabrics.  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  You don't want to cut through that bottom layer of fabric!  

While you don't have to be exact, you do want to try and cut in the middle of your rows.  Once all your rows have been cut run your fabric through a short cycle in the washer.  That's where the magic happens.  All that sewing and cutting pays off with these soft and fluffy rows of loveliness.

Carrot time!  Also on the bias (so your carrot rows will be straight across) cut out triangles in various sizes.  

Fold each triangle in half (right sides together) and stitch.  

Turn your carrots right side out and stuff with fiberfil.  It doesn't need to be packed in tight, but you do want them to hold their shape.

About 1/4" from the top run a gathering stitch and gently ease closed.

Insert your "leaves" into the top and secure the top.  I cut random shapes from some green scrap, but I've seen cute leaves cut from felt, or green raffia.  To give my "leaves" some body I put a coat of modpodge on, twisted them a little and let them dry.

I put mine on a wreath, but they are so soft they would make a nice stuffed toy.

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