Monday, February 11, 2013

Week Seven Craft: Foil Art

The foil/shoe polish art I'm seeing on Pinterest is great on so many levels.  It costs next to nothing to create, it allows you to use your original creation and the patina that comes from the shoe polish looks great.  This is one tutorial in particular I enjoyed from the Art Club blog.  

So, I gave it a go and here's my picture: 

Part of my problem was that I used a wooden letter rather than I nice simple square.  I couldn't get the foil to wrap around the tight edges enough and I couldn't get the foil to adhere to the wood.  That part was my mistake.  But, I also couldn't get the polish to adhere to the foil; it just wiped right off.  Has anyone else run into that?

Rather than completely trashing the whole project I decided to throw some red paint over the wooden letter and I had the shoe polish out so I rubbed some over the dried paint.  It actually came out pretty cool.  The polish fills in the nooks and crannies just like it was SUPPOSED TO with the foil, but it also does something to the paint that makes the finish look like metal.  

I had a hard time getting a picture that effectively brought out the "metal" effect, but trust me, it looks cool.  

So the lesson learned is that if one of your projects doesn't turn out like the tutorial keep going and you just might end up with something that's just as nice.

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