Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 36 Craft: Posed Dollar Store Skeleton

Here is a quick, easy and completely silly craft to tuck into that corner that just needs a "little something halloween".  This is my second craft inspired by Mizerella blogspot.

First go around I was inspired by the silver paint for my Skeleton Door Hanger.

This time around I tried the posing for my primping girl skeleton:

What you need:
Skeleton from Dollar Tree skeleton garland
Pot of boiling water
Scraps of tulle and ribbon
Needle and thread
Ultra fine black sharpie

1. Check out Mizerella's post for how to get your skeletons into the pose you want.  The basics are to heat the skeleton in the boiling water to make it more plyable, remove it from the water and very slowly bend the arms and legs into the position you want.  Once in position hold it there until it cools.  Be gentle!  These skeletons will move somewhat, but just like me, the joints are stiff and brittle.
2. I used two layers of black tulle and one of shiny orange to make her skirt.  I used pieces that were about 15" long and 2" high.  With your needle and thread run a gathering stitch through the top of the tulle and gather tightly.

3. Take your piece of ribbon and sew it into place over the gather.  Leave tails on either end to tie a bow around the waif like waist of your skeleton.

4. I wanted to give her just a little glam so I used the sharpie to add some eyelashes and fill in her sockets.

5. Her head still looked a little too plain, so I added a tiny headband.  

She found a home nestled next to the soap in my guest bath, so she can primp in the mirror for all of eternity....and wonder if that skirt makes her look fat.

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