Saturday, December 21, 2013

Week 39 Craft: the Green and White Wreath

I was absolutely obsessed with the idea of a green and white Thanksgiving!  There were such beautiful centerpieces out there on the world wide web.

 from Sonja Bannick

I couldn't find original websites for these two, but inspiring just the same:

My old Christmas wreath was starting to show some wear and tear, so I thought I would update it this year, and that green and white theme was still rolling around my brain.  Here's what I put together:

I just love it!  Both Michael's and Hobby Lobby seemed to feel that shiny was the way to go this year, so who am I to argue?  

What you need:
1 bush Pointsettia flowers (Michaels)
2 sprigs of frosted pine cones (Michaels)
3 Bushes of frosted white fern (Michaels)
 14"Styrofoam wreath (Hobby Lobby)
Jingle bells (I had mine from last year, but you can find them anywhere)
Assortment of Christmas balls (raid your supply)
Crystal snowflake (Hobby Lobby)
Glue gun
Wire cutters

How to:
1. Cut the fern stems off the bush and glue around your wreath form.  Start with the widest part on the inside and let the tips hang past the edges (it makes your wreath look larger).  NOTE: Love these ferns, but expect your work area to look like a strip club for the next few days.  There was glitter EVERYWHERE!!
2. Cut the stems off the frosted pinecones and glue around your wreath on top of the ferns.  I didn't want anything to be too "matchy-matchy" so I spaced then unevenly.
3.  Next layer is the poinsettias.  I used the rule of three and again didn't space them quite evenly to make the wreath look more natural (wait...glitter and crystals natural?)
4. Time to start tucking jingle bells and ornaments in to peek out from the poinsettias and pinecones.  Put as many or as few as you like.
5. The finishing touch was to add the crystal snowflake.  I did want this to stand out a little, so I glued it in a somewhat open area.

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