Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 33 Craft: Peet Pot Frankenstein

One of the things I most love about Pinterest is seeing the amazing crafts people come up with by re-purposing a product into something so far away from what it's designed purpose is.  And right now I am crushing on peet pots.  They are so easy to work with, and at 14 for only $1.97 are a total bargain.  Check out this cutie from the making memories blog.

   Or these scary guys from All You magazine...

Here's my addition to the fun:  a peet pot Frankenstein

He's super easy to make and aside from the peet pots you probably have most of the supplies on hand.

3" Peet Pots (I found mine in the garden center of Home Depot)
2 white buttons (I used on 3/8" and one 1/2" one)
2 tiny black buttons
Green craft paint (I used Apple Barrel's "Ivy Green")
Black fine point Sharpie (or black craft paint and fine brush)
2 bolts
3" x 20" scrap of black felt
Glue Gun
Needle and thread

How to:
1. Paint your peet pot and let it dry. I painted the inside black so if the felt "hair" doesn't completely fill in my Frank wouldn't look like he had a bald spot.
2. Take a large needle and push through where you want his bolts to go.  The reason I suggest a large needle is so that you can ensure the bolts end up directly across from each other.

3. Insert your bolts.  Once inserted, I liberally coated the portion of the bolt on the inside of the pot with glue from my glue gun so that they were more stable.

4. Using a needle and thread sew your black button onto your white button.  I didn't use the glue gun here because sewing makes it more stable and also less thick.

5. Decide where you want to place the eyes and poke your threaded needle through the pot.  Sew in place with a couple of stitches.  Again, I chose to sew instead of glue for stability and so the eyes would be closer to the pot. Please Note: This part is MUCH EASIER if you do it BEFORE you glue the hair in.

6. Take your felt and with 2" sticking above the top of the pot use your glue gun to adhere it to the pot. Wind it loosely towards the center, adding glue here and there to keep it in place.  Here's a picture of the coil; I got too excited and had started to cut fringe before I remembered I hadn't snapped a photo.

7.  Cut your felt coil into fringe.  I also ended up tapering the ends so it looks more like hair.

8.  Using a Sharpie or paint add some eyebrows and mouth.  This is where you get to choose your Frankie's personality; I went with nervous.

Keep in mind these peet pots are not meant for long term durability; I wouldn't expect this to be a craft that will live on as an heirloom.  And just like gremlins - don't get them wet!

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