Monday, September 17, 2012

Cozy Toes Tutorial

One of my first Pinterest pins was for these adorable slippers; I thought they were great and loved that there was a free pattern.  Much to my chagrin (and apparently that of many others) the pattern did not include instructions.  Rats!  Unable to locate the issue the instructions were published, or find a tutorial online, I decided to try replicating them myself.  Fair warning: this is a total experiment.

 Print the pattern Cozy Toes Slippers Adjust the pattern to your size.  I saw comments that the pattern was too small, so decided to cut larger (I’m a size 10, but size 11 is what worked for me).  Not knowing if the pattern included a seam allowance or not I added 1/2” for the sole and bottom portion of the sides.  I also added some length to the top piece based on comments from others who had tried making the slippers.
  1. Choose your fabric.  The photo looks like they used faux fur for both the exterior and lining, so that’s what I went with.  From the photo posted you can’t see the bottom of the slipper, but I decided to use a non slip fabric for mine.  1/3 yard of each will give you enough length.  This amount of fabric will give you enough to make at least two pair of slippers.
  2. Lay out your pattern.  Here's a trick for working with super thick fabric.  Pinning the fabric will result in a warped pattern piece - instead turn the fabric so the wrong side faces up and trace around the pattern piece (using a fabric pen).  Cut out our pieces.  you will need:
    1. 8 sides (4 of the exterior fur and 4 of the lining)
    2. 4 soles (2 of the no slip fabric and 2 of the lining)
    3. 4 tops (2 of the exterior fur and 2 of the lining)
Make sure you reverse the pieces for right and left sides!!

  1. With right sides together pin the sides together (exterior to exterior, lining to lining) and sew.  Place the sole lining and no slip sole WRONG sides together with the no slip facing you.  Next, place the exterior side and lining side WRONG sides together with the exterior FACING IN.  Pin the side to the sole and sew together.  At this point try the slipper for size and make adjustments if needed.  Trim the seam and turn so that the seam faces in.
  2. Place your top exterior to your top lining WRONG sides together and pin it to the slipper side (make sure you match the center of the slipper top to the front seam of the side).  Whip stitch the top to the side as well as around the rest of the slipper (the raw edges).

Not too bad!  I think next time I will short the top again so it looks more feminine.

Comparing my photos to theirs it appears their slippers are more robust.  I don’t know if this is because they used stabilizer, added batting, or just had better staging in the photo.  It also looks like they whip stitched the sole to the sides as well.  I chose to hide the sole/side seam.  I would LOVE to hear from someone who made these slippers using the actual instructions to find out if my instructions are remotely close, or if I am missing some supplies. 


  1. I have no idea about the original instructions but yours seem just fine. I saved the pattern from this site years ago and I can't believe you have no comments on this! So I thought I'd leave you one =) I still haven't tried them because I have no idea where to find specialty materials such as non slip fabric and faux fur around here, but one day I will, even if I have to order everything online =)

  2. You are so sweet; thank you for leaving a comment! After I wrote this post I came across an issue of the magazine with the instructions. I came really close on my instructions...yeah! The biff difference is they used a printed canvas for the slipper exterior. I was able to find all supplies at my local Joann

  3. I've been in search of some easy fabric slippers, I'm tired of knitting mine. This will do very nicely. Thank you.