Thursday, July 19, 2012

Easiest Recipe in the History of Mankind

Hawaii is the greatest place in the world.  Now, to be fair I haven’t traveled the entire world (yet), but of the places I have been Hawaii tops it all.  If you disagree please feel free to send me two round trip tickets to your favorite destination and I will be happy to make a comparison.  Until then I am sticking by Hawaii.

Nestled in a small building, in a small town on the Big Island was a fabulous restaurant – Huli Sue’s.  This recipe is a tribute to one of their sauces and a great place that (sadly) is no more. 


I feel a little guilty even calling this a recipe because it only contains two ingredients, but together they create condiment magic.

Chili paste

In a small bowl combine 1T of chili paste for every 3 T of ketchup.  Mix well. 

This tastes amazing on burgers, french fries, meatloaf…anywhere you used to use ketchup.  My husband says it tastes better with shrimp than cocktail sauce.  Now – fair warning – this is spicy.  I don’t recommend this for anyone who can’t handle heat (small children or anyone from the Midwest).  The nice thing about this recipe is you can combine it in the ratio that works best for you.  If you feel something can’t be categorized as spicy until there is a sheen of sweat on your brow than by all means switch it up to a 50/50 ratio or higher.  Like a little spice?  Drop it down to 25/75.  Store any leftovers in the fridge.

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